GCHERA WAP Work Meeting and GCHERA General Assembly were held at NJAU
- Nov 6, 2017

GCHERA WAP Work Meeting was held on 27 October at NJAU


On the afternoon of 27 October, the Work Meeting for GCHERA World Agriculture Prize (WAP) Affairs was held at Nanjing Agricultural University (NJAU), China. GCHERA WAP International Committee members and NJAU representatives attended the meeting. The meeting was co-chaired by John KENNELLY (President of GCHERA) and ZHOU Guanghong (President of NJAU, Vice-President of GCHERA). Simon HEATH (GCHERA WAP Coordinator & GCHERA Secretary General), HU Feng (Vice-president of NJAU), Ian MAW (GCHERA WAP International Committee member, Vice-president of Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities (APLU),USA), LIU Zhimin (Jimmy) (GCHERA WAP NJAU Coordinator, Dean of College of International Education and Director of Institute for Higher Education of NJAU), ZHANG Hongsheng (Director of Office of University Development of NJAU), WEI Wei (Deputy Director of Office of International Relations of NJAU) etc. participated the meeting.


 Participants on the GCHERA WAP Work Meeting


The meeting agenda mainly involved affairs regarding the GCHERA WAP and GCHERA World Dialogue from 2018 onwards, and the advertisement Medium etc. All participants had heated discussions on definition of “developing countries” and the definition of “candidates from developing countries” in respect of the Terms and Conditions of GCHERA WAP in the future.

It has been approved that an important development for the GCHERA WAP: from 2018 onwards, the prize will be doubled to 100,000 USD and the number of awardees will be doubled to two recipients, with at least one recipient each year coming from a developing country.


GCHERA General Assembly was held on 29 October at NJAU


The GCHERA General Assembly was held on 29 October at NJAU, China, on the occasion of the 5th GCHERA World Agriculture Prize Ceremony and 9th GCHERA World Conference. GCHERA President John KENNELLY, Vice President ZHOU Guanghong, José ZAGLUL, David ACKER, Secretary General Simon HEATH, Treasurer Phillipe CHOQUET, Ian Maw, Sanjay Kumar PATIL, LIU Zhimin(Jimmy) and other representatives from global higher education institutions and GCHERA associations participated the meeting. 

The meeting approved the Minutes of the GCHERA General Assembly held on 16 October 2016, reviewed the Implementation of the GCHERA Action Plan 2016-2020 and the contributions of GCHERA Members as Partners of GFAR, and listened to the report from the president, secretary general, treasurer, and member associations. 

The meeting approved the full membership application from French Agricultural, Veterinary and Forestry Institute (AGREENIUM). Technological University of Uruguay and State Agrarian and Engineering University in Podilya had also been approved as Associate members.  

The meeting also reviewed the process and outcomes of GCHERA WAP 2017 and discussed new procedures for the GCHERA WAP Prize 2018. GCHERA WAP Ceremony 2018 was announced to be held on 28 October at Nanjing Agricultural University. 

In the end, GA had the Election of President, Vice-President. John KENNELLY, who has served as the president of GCHERA since 2013, was re-elected as the president of GCHERA, both ZHOU Guanghong (President of NJAU) and José ZAGLUL (President Emeritus of EARTH University) still as Vice-presidents of GCHERA and Ylva HILLBUR, Vice-chancellor at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) as the new one of vice-presidents of GCHERA. 

On behalf of GCHERA, John KENNELLY also expressed deep gratitude to NJAU president Zhou and the DBN Group on their continuous support to GCHERA WAP and GCHERA World Conference.


Representatives on the GCHERA General Assembly


            By WANG Yingshuang, ZHANG Song

Acknowledge: All the pictures are provided by News Agency of NAU

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