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The Launch Ceremony of World Agriculture Prize Fund was Held in Nanjing, China on Sept. 20, 2016
- Sep 26, 2016

By LIU Zhimin, WANG Yingshuang

The launch ceremony of World Agriculture Prize (WAP) Fund was held in Nanjing Agricultural University (NAU) of China on September 20, 2016.

Witnessed by the 1st and 4th GCHERA WAP laureates, NAU leadership, DBN representative and eminent participants, the Executive Vice- President of Da Bei Nong Group (DBN), SONG Weiping and Vice-president of NAU, DAI Jianjun co-signed the agreement for the inaugural endowment to the WAP Fund, which marked its official launch. 

Agreement Signing by SONG Weiping (the Executive Vice- President of DBN (right) ) and DAI Jianjun (Vice-president of NAU(left))

This open fund was initiated by Dr. SHAO Genhuo, the CEO of DBN. DBN kicked off the fund by making the first endowment. The fund will be managed by the Education Development Foundation of NAU, and will be used for attracting and managing endowments from enterprises in support of the operation and development of GCHERA WAP. 

SONG Weiping (the Executive Vice- President of DBN)’s speech

After the agreement-signing, SONG Weiping made a presentation on the significance of WAP and the official launch of WAP Fund.

With the support by the WAP Fund, GCHERA WAP will continue to carry out its mission to encourage the global development of higher education institutions in education, research and innovation in the agricultural and life sciences, and help lead the education, research and innovation in agriculture sciences in China.

Acknowledge: All the pictures are provided by News Agency of NAU

About Da Bei Nong Group

The DABEINONG GROUP(Full Name: Beijing Da Bei Nong Technology Group Co., Ltd), led by its president Dr. SHAO Genhuo, is a Chinese high-tech agricultural enterprise focusing on promoting the development of China’s modern agriculture through technological innovations. With its own  core R&D team of over 1500 experts, DABEINONG GROUP’s businesses contain fodder production, animal protection, swine breeding, vaccine development, biological feed products, seed industry, agrochemical products and other related areas, and has over 100 manufacturing base and over 180 subsidiary companies. It also has built over 10000 branches for technical and scientific extension services all over China.

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