[2016]Presentaions of the Academic Workshop on 2016 GCHERA WAP Announcement Ceremony
- Sep 21, 2016

An academic workshop on Producing Graduates Who Are Transformative Leaders in Society was held. 

First, Lorne BABIUK, Laureate of the 2016(4th)GCHERA WAP, Vice-President (Research), University of Alberta, Canada, presented a speech titled with “Food Security: Is vaccination the answer?” 

Then, Ronnie COFFMAN, Laureate of the 1st GCHERA WAP, Director of International Programs, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, Cornell University, U.S.A, carried out a presentation entitled “Cornell University: Producing Transformative Leaders for 150 Years.

John J KENNELLY, President of GCHERA, chaired the workshop.



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