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- Sep 11, 2014


The Education Professional Committee of Chinese Association of Agricultural Science Societies (EPC of CAASS) is a national, non-profit academic social organization which is voluntarily formed by various kinds of agro-related education institutions (including agro-related universities, colleges, secondary vocational schools, distance education institutions and educational administrative institutions nationwide). It has been authorized by Ministry of Civil Affairs of P.R.C. and possesses corporate capacity.

Serving as a branch of CAASS, the EPC has actively launched sorts of works based on Regulations on Branches of CAASS and Articles of the EPC of CAASS, while keeping tight connections with agro-related educational institutions and individuals who work for agricultural education at different levels since its foundation on October 10, 1996. Through initiatives such as holding the academic annual conference and international academic symposiums, setting up subjects for research, selecting and awarding outstanding papers etc., the EPC of CAASS has helped facilitate the transformation and the development of education in agriculture science and has made positive contributions on implementing the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education. Its achievements have been recognized by member institutions, the industry and the government. For the purpose of enhancing the communication and the collaboration with the world, the organization has joint the Global Confederation of Higher Education Associations for Agricultural and Life Sciences (GCHERA) in the January of 2011, and henceforth become a member of the board and the steering committee. Up to now, the EPC of CAASS has 68 member institutions which are scattered all over the country.

The Standing Committee of the EPC of CAASS constitutes 1 president, several vice-presidents and 1 secretary general. The current president is Prof. Zhou Guanghong, the president of Nanjing Agricultural University (NAU). The Secretariat is under the administration of  Department of Research on Humanities and Social Sciences, NAU.

In 2016, EPC of CAASS have joined GFAR(

    EPC of CAASS Chinese Website:

   CAASS Chinese Website:


                                                 The 5th Standing Committee for the EPC of CAASS






Zhou Guanghong

Nanjing Agricultural   University

President/ Professor


Li Zhaohu

China Agricultural University

Vice-president/ Professor

Zhao Zhong

Northwest A&F University

Executive vice-president /   Professor

Li Chongguang

Huazhong Agricultural University

Vice-president/ Professor

Dong Weichun

Nanjing Agricultural   University

Vice-president/ Professor

Shen Shuxing

Hebei Agricultural University

Vice-president/ Professor

Feng Xiao

Northeast Agricultural   University

Chancellor/ Professor

Lv Jie

Shenyang Agricultural University

Vice-president/ Professor

Zhu Li

Shandong Agricultural   University

Vice-president/ Research   Professor

Yi Zili

Hunan Agricultural University

Vice-president / Professor

Liao Ming

South China Agricultural   University

Vice-president/ Professor

Wu Bozhi

Yunnan Agricultural University

Executive vice-president/ Professor

Yu Jihua

Gansu Agricultural   University

Vice-president/ Professor

Tan Jinfang

Henan Agricultural University

Vice-president/ Professor

Yan Dongquan

Centre Broadcast and   Television School for Agriculture

Vice-president/ Research   professor

Xia Hong

Suzhou Polytechnic Institute of Agriculture

Vice-president / Professor

Zheng Lisen

Shandong Vocational Animal

Science and Veterinary   College

President / Professor

Liu Zhihui

Chengdu Agricultural College

President /Professor

Ji Wenlin

Jiangsu Agro-animal   Husbandry Vocational College

The secretary of the Party   Committee / Professor

Liu Zhimin

College of International Education, NAU

Director / Professor


Song Huaming

Library, NAU

Deputy director/ Professor

Click to download: Statutes of EPC of CAASS


Member Institutions


Nanjing Agricultural University

China Agricultural University

Northwest A&F


Huazhong Agricultural     University

Hebei Agricultural     University

Northeast Agricultural University

Shenyang Agricultural University

Shandong Agricultural University

Hunan Agricultural University

South China Agricultural     University

Yunnan Agricultural University

Gansu Agricultural University

Henan Agricultural University

Centre Broadcast and

Television School for


Suzhou Polytechnic Institute of   Agriculture

Shandong Vocational     Animal Science and          Veterinary College

Chengdu Agricultural College

Jiangsu Agro-animal

Husbandry Vocational


Guangdong Ocean University

Anhui Agricultural University

Jiangxi Agricultural University

Shanxi Agricultural University

Inner Mongolia Agricultural   University

Fujian Agriculture&  Forestry University

Agriculture and Animal

Husbandry College of Tibet


College of Animal Science&   Technology, Henan University of Science and Technology

Hebei North University

Tianjin Agricultural College

Agricultural College of Hebei   Engineering University

Zhong kai University of Agriculture   and Engineering

Xinyang Agricultural  College

Henan University of Animal   Husbandry and Economy (Beilin Campus)

Xiang yang Vocational and Technical   College

Yang ling Vocational &   Technical College

Shanghai Vocational

College of Agriculture and   Forestry

Yueyang Vocational Technical College

Guangxi Agricultural Vocational   College

Xinjiang Agricultural

Vocational Technical


Liaoning Vocational


Suzhou Vocational Technical   College

Jiaxing Vocational &   Technical College

Heilongjiang Agricultural Vocational   and Technical College

Applied Technology

College of Dalian Ocean   Univercity

Binzhou Polytechnic College

Yong Zhou Vocational Technical   College

Hunan Biological Electro Mechanical   Vocational Technical College

Zunyi Professional Technology   College

Jiangxi Agricultural Engineering   College

Inner Mongolia Zhalantun Vocational   College of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

Chifeng Vocational College of   Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

Agricultural School of Handan   City

Ningxia Agricultural School

Science and Education Office     of Agriculture Department, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Agricultural Broadcasting     and Television School in Shandong Province

Zhuji Vocational Education   Center in Zhejiang Province

Cadre School of Yunnan State   Farms Group Co.

Southwest University

Yangzhou University

Hainan University

Guizhou University

Xinjiang Agricultural University

Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry   University

Tarim University

Jilin Agriculture Science and   Technology University

Shenyang Institute of Technology

Jiangsu Vocational College of   Agriculture and Forestry

Zhejiang Ocean University

Yichun University


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