Award Ceremony
- Jul 11, 2018

Professor Dr Lorne BABIUK of the University of Alberta was awarded the GCHERA World Agriculture Prize on 18 October during the opening ceremony of the RUFORUM Biennial Conference in Cape Town, South Africa.  Professor BABIUK becomes the 4th GCHERA Laureate.  The award recognizes Professor BABIUK’s lifetime contributions a renowned virologist, acclaimed for his international leadership in vaccine development and research in veterinary infectious disease control.  Professor WANG Chunchun, Vice President of Nanjing Agricultural University, presented Professor BABIUK with the GCHERA World Agriculture Prize trophy, and Professor John KENNELLY, President of GCHERA, presented the certificate.

The award ceremony was opened by John KENNELLY with an oration of Professor BABIUK’s work and the impact of his achievements.  John KENNELLY noted that Lorne BABIUK has been responsible for major advances in our understanding of the biology of infectious diseases and the role of vaccines in their control.  He has been a mentor and an inspiration to other scientists and his students.  His vision and leadership resulted in the development of a world-class research and teaching facility at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada, whose scientists continue to develop vaccines that make important contributions to animal health on a global basis.

After receiving the World Agriculture Prize trophy and certificate, Professor BABIUK delivered a presentation “Science is easy, innovation is the challenge.” He emphasised that scientists have the responsibility to not only engage in making scientific advances, but to consider and address the business and social constraints in taking their research outcomes forward for the benefit of society. Professor WANG Chunchun concluded the World Agriculture Prize ceremony by welcoming Professor BABIUK as the 4th GCHERA Laureate and congratulating him on his life time achievements.


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