[2017] Presentations for GCHERA WAP Award Ceremony& 9th GCHERA World Conference
- Nov 3, 2017

The 5th GCHERA World Agriculture Prize (WAP) Award Ceremony

Dirk INZE(2017 GCHERA WAP Laureate ) “From Basic Research to Crop Improvement.” 

The 9th GCHERA World Conference Global Food Security and Food Safety: The Role of Universities” 

Session 1  The Challenge for Global Food Security and Food Safety

ZHU Jing (College of Economic and Management, Nanjing Agricultural University, China)

Global Food Security and Safety Challenges--Go beyond Productivity.” 

Ian MAW (Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU), USA) 

The Challenge of Change: Harnessing University Discovery, Engagement, and Learning to Achieve Food and Nutrition Security.”

Session 2  The Educational Role of Universities in Responding to the Global Challenge

Rob DYBALL (Fenner School of Environment and Society, Australian National University, Australia)

Research led education into food systems: examples from the Australian National University.

Jose ZAGLUL (EARTH University, Costa Rica) 

The role of education in meeting global challenges.”

Session 3  The Research Role of Universities in Responding to the Global Challenge

John INGRAM (Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University, UK) 

 “The Need for “Food Systems Thinking.”

Aldo STROEBEL (National Research Foundation, South Africa) 

Excellence for Global Impact – Effective and Transformed Higher Education.”

Session 4  Value Creation and the Role of Universities

Tiny VAN BOEKEL (Department of Food Sciences and Agrotechnology, Wageningen University and Research, the Netherlands) 

 “Value creation and the role of the universities: potential for global food security and food safety.

JIA Xiangping (College of Economics and Management, Northwest Agriculture & Forestry University, China) 

Can Innovations be Educated in Agricultural Universities: Evidence from Venture Capital Backed Entrepreneurial Firms in China”.

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