[2013] Presentations for 2013 GCHERA World Dialogue
- Jul 13, 2013

The GCHERA World Dialogue was held on Oct. 20-21 2013 with the topic "Education and Innovation in Agricultural Sciences" and "How to Foster Future Entrepreneurs".

October 20

William Lacy (University of California, Davis)

"U.S. Agricultural Universtities as Innovators and Entrepreneurs: Strategies and Challenges"

John J. Kennelly (University of Alberta, Canada)

"Fostering and Promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Canadian Agri-Food System University of Alberta as a Solution Provider"

Qirong SHEN (Nanjing Agricutural University, China)

"Helping graduates obtain more creativity and entrepreneurial skills by collaorative innovation between university and company"

Kurt Nielsen (Sience and Technology Aarhus University, Danmark)

"Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Agricultural Development: the Danish Model"

Mark Adams (University of Sydney, Australia)

"The Centre for Carbon, Water and Food At the University of Sydney: a Response to a Global Challenge"

Robert Anderson (Massey University, New Zealand)

"Positioning Agricultural Universities for tht 21st Century"

October 21

Philippe Choquet (LASALLE Beauvais, France)

"Entrepreneurship: Structuring mission for universities of agriculture"

Frans Swanepoel (Stellenbosch University, South Africa)

"Education and Innovation in Agriculture and Life Science: University as Entrepreneurs for Sustainable Rural Development"

Domingo E. Angeles and Filma Calalo (University of the Philippines Los Banos, Philippines)

"“Universities as Entrepreneurs?” Foregrounding Agricultural Entrepreneurship and Innovations in Higher Education Institutions"

Lena Andersson-Eklund (Saint Louis University, America)

"Generic and Entrepreneurial Skills in the Curriculum"

Paul Nampala (Ruforum)

"Engaging Universities in ECSA to Promote Relevant Graduate Training and Outreach Programmes"

Jammie Martinez (University of Chihuahua, Mexico)

"Entrepreneurship a transversal competence on the curricula of Agriculture degrees offered by the University of Chihuahua, Mexico"

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