[2014] Presentations for 2014 GCHERA World Dialogue
- Jul 13, 2014

The GCHERA World Dialogue was held on Sept. 20-21 2014 with the topic "Education and Innovation in Agricultural and Life Science: Fostering Agriculture Innovation Systems through the Linkage of University, Industry and Government".

September 20

Martin Kropff (Rector Magnificus Wageningen University, Wageningen UR)

"Success of the Agri-Food sector through Public Private Partnerships"

James TUITOEK (Egerton University, Kenya)

"University’s Engagement with Small Scale Farmers through Student Attachment Program"

Ronnie Coffman (College of Agriculture & Life Science, Cornell University, America)

"Cornell University: 150 years of educational innovation"

Mary M Buhr (University of Saskatchewan, Canada)

"Harvesting Money: Unique Ways to Fund Research"

Mark Holderness (Global Forum on Agricultural Research)

"Universities as partners in delivering the GFAR Innovation strategy"

Jiaqi Huang (Education and Innovation in Agriculture & Life Sciences, China)

"Meeting the Needs of Youth to Meet the Needs of Future Agriculture"

Sempember 21

Maurice Boland (University College Dublin, Ireland)

"Developing Research and Educational Alliances"

Trevor Tomkins (venture | dairy for development)

"Pontential for Universities to be partners in Agricultural Development Enterprises in Emerging Economies"

David Bressle (Department of Agricultal , food & Nautre Science, BCN)

"Renewabel Pathways to Service Alerta's Energy Sector"

Daniel Sherrard (Earth University, Costa Rica)

"A Partnership for Sustainability: EARTH University and Whole foods Market"

Jinfeng Chen (Najing Agricultural University, China)

"The Chinese model on interaction-innovated System of Industry-Government-Universtiy"

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